Rightly at the top of issues of concern to residents is the quality of our schools. They are first class and must remain so. As Mayor, I will:

Protect and Enhance Irvine’s Already Great Schools

Education has been one of the primary focuses of my public career. I served on the Assembly’s K-12 committee, and am Assembly Chairman of the UC Caucus interacting with the UC administration to further the growth and vibrancy of the UC system. Before that, I served for twelve years on the Board of Trustees governing Irvine Valley College, among other institutions. I crafted sound education policy while balancing every budget and never once seeking additional tax or bond financing. 

The other candidates lack such experience and can only talk about education. But I know our education system at all levels, have worked extensively on behalf of public education, and have the trust of education leaders. As Mayor, I will be full partner with all of those leaders.

The city council I lead will do everything it can to empower our schools. We will never play politics with education and will do absolutely nothing to interfere with the local schools and colleges. Rather, a city council under my leadership will fully support local education institutions in their efforts to continue providing quality education in Irvine at all levels.