January 18, 2019

The Dean of Orange County politics, former Congressman Ed Royce, announced his endorsement of Irvine Mayor Don Wagner to become the next Supervisor for Orange County’s Third District.

Congressman Royce served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1993 to 2019, including a distinguished stint as Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He previously served as a member of the California Senate from 1982 to 1993. Royce has served Orange County Citizens for almost four decades and is considered the Dean of conservative elected officials.

“I endorse Don because he is a fiscally conservative steward of the people who not only brings a wealth of experience in safeguarding tax payer money but also brings a fresh approach to tackling tough issues,” said Royce in issuing the coveted endorsement. “Don is a committed public servant who will not do things just because it has always been done that way in the past.  He will study each problem to see what the best way to solve the problem is.”

"Ed Royce has been a role model for me and many of us in elected office. He has been tirelessly working on behalf of America and steadfast in safeguarding the rights of American taxpayers," said Mayor Wagner. "I am honored by his endorsement and pledge to continue his legacy for taxpayers and for our quality of life."

Momentum continues to grow behind Mayor Wagner’s campaign as he leads overwhelmingly in endorsements and fundraising. Congressman Royce’s endorsement adds to Mayor Wagner’s growing list of prestigious supporters.

Wagner was re-elected Mayor of Irvine by a 14-point margin.  His current and former political offices have significant overlap with the 3rd District, giving him overwhelming name identification and a significant advantage in the March 12 Special Election.