January 22, 2019

The Republican Party of Orange County (OCGOP), the official county organization for the Republican Party, announced its endorsement of Irvine Mayor Don Wagner by its elected central committee members. The OCGOP’s mission is to elect Republicans on all levels of government -- city, county, state, and federal.  

“It was my honor to vote for Don to be the next Third District Supervisor. With 22%, or over 134,000 Asian Americans in the district, the endorsements of County Supervisor Michelle Steel, Assemblyman Phillip Chen, Assemblyman Steven Choi, Former Assemblywoman Young Kim, Assemblyman Tyler Diep, County-Clerk Recorder Hugh Nguyen, Yorba Linda City Councilwoman and former Mayor Peggy Huang, and former Assemblyman Van Tran, will ensure a strong showing on election day from the Asian American community,” stated Irvine City Councilman Anthony Kuo. “It is a major step towards victory for us to have Mayor Don Wagner as our nominee for County Supervisor.”

“The special election for Third District Supervisor is extremely important to the OCGOP because we need to make sure the County is fiscally sound. It takes four votes to pass a budget and with a Democrat in one of the seats, we must make sure we elect a conservative Republican and prevent the likes of Loretta Sanchez from creeping back into Orange County politics,” stated OCGOP Chairman, the Honorable Fred Whitaker. “Republicans need to unite behind Don to ensure victory on March 12th.”

“There is no primary for this election. This endorsement is as close as our campaign gets to winning a primary, so we have achieved yet another major milestone.  It means the world to me,” said Mayor Wagner. “This endorsement, in addition to the Co-Chairmanship of our campaign by the Mayors of the six largest cities in the district, as well as our coalition building in the Asian and Hispanic communities, and our work on college campuses, puts us exactly where we need to be in order to win.” 

In order to get the official endorsement of the OCGOP, Mayor Wagner submitted 30 nomination signatures of OCGOP Central Committee members to be considered for endorsement.  The Executive Committee unanimously gave their support for the Wagner's endorsement to be voted on by the entire body of the OCGOP Central Committee.  Wagner needed 2/3 of the members present and received a 95 percent approval.

Momentum continues to grow behind Mayor Wagner’s campaign as he leads overwhelmingly in endorsements and fundraising. The OCGOP’s endorsement adds to Mayor Wagner’s growing list of major support.

Wagner was re-elected Mayor of Irvine by a 14-point margin.  His current and former political offices have significant overlap with the 3rd District, giving him overwhelming name identification and a significant advantage in the March 12 Special Election.