Public Safety

Irvine remains the safest city of its size in the nation. This is the result of the hard work of the Irvine Police Department and a city council willing to commit to the police the resources needed to do the job. But there is unrest in the nation and people feel less safe. As Mayor, I will:

Partner with Irvine’s First Responders to Assure Sufficient and Continued Public Safety Funding

A city council that I am privileged to lead will commit to the IPD the resources needed to continue doing its job. I am a firm believer that government at all levels is too big and tries to do too much. But delivering public safety is a legitimate core function of government.

In addition, Irvine is a diverse city. Because of that diversity, and in respect to all of our citizens, a city council I lead will encourage the IPD to consider some of the emerging principles of community policing. We must embrace the best practices to continue our outstanding record of public safety.

Finally, with schools and colleges increasingly targeted for violent assaults around the nation, I will encourage close cooperation between IPD, the OC Sheriff’s Department, and the local college and university police departments. I already have good relationships with those organizations through my past public service, relationships none of the other candidates can match, and will use them to enhance the safety of Irvine’s citizens.