Quality of Life

People move to Irvine because it is a master planned community; the Master Plan is responsible for our quality of life. But residents increasingly feel that the quality of life in Irvine is slipping. That is because our leaders in the past half dozen years have deviated from the Master Plan, especially with all the apartments (and attendant traffic congestion) in the Irvine Business Center. As Mayor, I pledge to:

Restore and Protect the Master Plan

Under prior leadership, the council and planning commission have allowed us to deviate from the Master Plan in order to satisfy their developer friends. In the face of that mismanagement, Irvine needs a mayor and city council dedicated to restoring their commitment to the Master Plan and then to protecting going forward the vision that the Plan expresses.

A halt to development called for by other candidates is a simplistic, knee-jerk reaction that misunderstands the problem.  A development “time out” reeks of a cynical campaign ploy. Instead, by restoring and protecting the Master Plan, as I will do, the city council I lead will stand for responsible growth, consistent with the Master Plan, that allows children who grew up in Irvine to return here to raise their own families, allows people to live closer to their jobs here in town, allows our tax base to grow to everyone’s benefit, and keeps Irvine young and vibrant.

All of this is quite consistent with the Master Plan that attracted people to Irvine in the first place and that has, until recently, guided its development. That Plan envisions a balance of residential, business, and education. We must restore and protect that balance, not abandon one part of the Plan and upset the balance.