Tax and Fee Cuts

It is not cheap to live and raise a family in Irvine. Especially as voters face state and local school bonds and the possible extension of Proposition 30’s tax increases, they can use some help – and the Irvine city council should offer that help. Irvine has a healthy surplus and should look for ways to return money to the public. As Mayor, I pledge to:

Reduce Fees and Taxes

I have been vocal in Sacramento about reducing taxes and the costs of government. I served as Assembly Co-chair of the Taxpayer Caucus to advocate for lower taxes and smarter spending. As Mayor, I will lead the council in efforts to reduce the costs and burdens of government, and to assure that our citizens get their money’s worth from City Hall.   

I will come to City Hall with considerable public budgeting expertise. I balanced budgets without tax increases for a dozen years on the community college board. In addition, I have served in Sacramento on all of the financial committees: Budget, Appropriations, Revenue & Taxation, and PERS. I have fought at the state level for responsible budgeting as a member of all of the financial committees. I will get into the weeds of budgeting and spending policy, tax policy, and pension issues from a limited government perspective.