It is increasingly difficult to get around in Irvine. Part of that is caused by the relentless development approved by one of the other candidates and which ignored the Master Plan. Part of the problem is also caused by a failure to prioritize solving our traffic problems. As Mayor, I will make fixing our traffic a priority by:

Creating a Traffic Czar and Restoring the Transportation Commission

Irvine needs a new Transportation Commission, made up of citizens and experts, responsible for easing our current traffic congestion and planning for future traffic conditions. In addition, I propose the creation of a traffic “czar” – an experienced traffic engineer with genuine oversight power – responsible for reporting weekly to the Mayor and monthly to the council about traffic conditions in Irvine and efforts being undertaken to ease congestion.

Some of the needed technology is already in place to help ease congestion, but it is under-utilized. For example, when an accident is report on the 405 at Jeffrey, it is understood that drivers will get off the freeway and put more burden on Michelson. Thus, the lights on Michelson are timed and adjusted accordingly. But the lights beyond that first intersection are not adjusted, despite the certain knowledge that those additional drivers will be continuing not just to this first light, but beyond along their new routes. That is shortsighted planning. A traffic czar and Transportation Commission could push for more and better solutions to our congestion.